Caroline Thon & Thoneline Orchestra

1. Januar 2011
Caroline Thon & Thoneline Orchestra
Big Band Records / A-Jazz

1 Schmafu Partitur-Vorschau
2 You see, you don´t  Partitur-Vorschau
3 Good to my own  Partitur-Vorschau
4 Echoes of a storm  Partitur-Vorschau
5 Say it!  Partitur-Vorschau
6 Home  Partitur-Vorschau
7 Lisanga Part I & II  Partitur-Vorschau

„I strongly believe in the talent of Caroline Thon. She is quietly but surely emerging into a very talented composer/arranger. When Caroline asked if I would look at her scores I was delighted and honored and love working with young composers especially who are very open minded and can accept constructive criticism. In the short time I have worked with Caroline I have been aware of her musical growth as you will when you hear this most recent recording. Her music shows me that she is establishing her own direction and want to see her continually explore more and more possibilities. You never stop learning or experimenting!“
Michael Abene, Chefdirigent WDR Big Band, 2011

Produziert im Kammermusiksaal des Deutschlandfunks 2010 / erschienen 2011 bei A-Jazz



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