Fuchsthone „The Truth Of J.P.S.?“ Part 1-III August 27th 2021


The abbreviation „J.P.S.“ stands for the French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre and his pessimistic view of human beings. The question mark behind it is to be understood as a call to ask whether we as part of society really want to allow him to be right? Times of fear and perceived or real threats force polarization and stigmatization. What society needs in order to get through this time as well as possible is connection and solidarity – with this suite Caroline Thon would like to encourage you to do so.

Caroline Thon worked especially in this composition intensively with the use of electronic feeds and “live samplings” as in the three-part suite “The truth of J.P.S.?” This results in new timbres and passages that are almost reminiscent of specific Radio play.

Caroline Thon – composition & conducting
Martin Gasser, Julian Bossert, Francois de Ribaupierre, Benjamin Steil – reeds
Christian Mehler, John Dennis Renken, Matthias Bergmann – trumpets
Matthias Schuller, Benjamin Degen, Wolf Schenk – trombones
Jens Düppe – drums, Alex Morsey – bass, Laia Gens – piano
Andreas Wahl – guitar, Zuzana Leharova – violine, Filippa Gojo – vocal
Ela Pöpplein – electronics

Copyright by Carline Thon